Day of the Dead 2015 NYC

Day of the Dead 2015 NYC

Day of the Dead - New York City - 2015


Join us for our annual Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) celebration in New York City. The tradition is rooted in the native Mexican belief that life on earth is a preparation for the next world and of the importance of maintaining a strong relationship to the dead.

Our 2015 dates will be announced in late September.


About Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead has been one of Mexico’s most important festivals since Pre-Hispanic times.  It is a time for families to gather and welcome the souls of the dead on their annual visit home.  Cempasúchil (marigold) flowers, burning copal incense, fresh pan de muertos bread, candles, sugar skulls, photographs and mementos of the departed adorn special altars.  In Mexico, Day of the Dead is celebrated over an entire week with the preparation of altars, foods, dance, music and special offerings for people who have died.  Mano a Mano recreates the magical space of a village churchyard during the celebration and has organized a series of events including altar building, workshops, dance, poetry and music.

For photos and updates during the event, please visit our  Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @ManoaManoMexico. 

About the name change from Día de Los Muertos to Día de Muertos

You may have noticed that in the past two years Mano a Mano has dropped the article los from our Día de los Muertos. Traditionally this celebration in Mexico is known as Dia de Muertos. In the United States when Day of the Dead is translated into Spanish the becomes los and it’s incorporated into the name.  The article los is not used in Spanish and therefore we have decided to use the more common and traditional name in Spanish, Día de Muertos.

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Day of the Dead 2015 NYC - Day of the Dead - New York City - 2015


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