Danzon Classes

Danzon Classes

Danzon Classes

10 sessions every Saturday at 4 pm 
March 3rd- May 26, 2012

Learn to dance Danzon on Saturdays with Dulce Torres and Jose R. Gonzalez. Our Danzon classes are taught in small groups. Classes are open to students of all ages. For more information about Dazon classes call us or email us:
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Mano a Mano: Mexican Culture Without Borders

Dare yourself to dance the most elegant, rhythmic and magnificent dance there is!

About Danzón:
Cuban danzón was the predecessor of mambo or sabrosura and it arrived to Mexico in the 1940’s.

About the classes:
José Refugio González Artistic Director of Ballet Folklorico Mexicano de Nueva York and Dulce Torres will be the instructors, they will teach 10 sessions of danzón in their efforts to disseminate and revive Mexican traditions to the world by building links to other cultures that have impacted the development and diversity of the Mexican Nation.


For information about Danzon and any of Mano a Mano's programming, please send an email to Turn on JavaScript! or call 212-587-3070



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