Un-Forgetting Memories

Un-Forgetting Memories

Mano a Mano: Mexican Culture Without Borders

in collaboration with

Word Up: Community Bookshop - Libreria Comunitaria


Un-Forgetting Memories

Saturday May, 17 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Word Up: Community Bookshop - Libreria Comunitaria
2113 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, New York 10033

Members of the Los Lunes bilingual literary workshop, hosted by Mano a Mano: Mexican Cultures Without Borders will give a multidisciplinary poetry presentation.

Poets presenting

Miguel Angel Angeles
Alejandro Barragan IV
Teodelina Basavilbaso
Carolina Drake
Daisy Flores
Mariel Escalante
Jonathan Martinez
Jhoana Montes
Mayra Pinacho
Celene Sanchez
Danae Sanchez

"Un-Forgetting is a process that condemns and liberates us to nostalgia, memories, and remembrances. We all have crossed borders, real and imaginary, and through writing we keep crossing borders. Writing as a process which allows us to forget, leave memories behind as we recreate new stories and trace new paths. Writing also implies that we remember, that we rescue those stories so that they are not lost in the hands of forgetfulness, in the border. un-Forgetting means to remember, but also to recreate, through writing, what we are, what we were, what we want to be."

Light refreshments will be served!


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